Jean-Paul Maunick: oltre i colori, oltre il credo

Il chitarrista, compositore e produttore discografico Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, leader della band britannica acid jazz Incognito, è rimasto profondamente colpito dall’iniziativa di Manuele Maestri: Musica Senza Confini, music without borders.

Music without borders

Musica Senza Confini - Jean Paul Maunick - Music Without BordersIt gives me enormous pleasure to introduce you all to Musica Senza Confini.
I have known Manuele Maestri for a while now. He is a wonderful high quality musician who had amongst other things been studying bass with Francis Hylton.
When he said he had a project he wanted for me to hear, I was thinking that like so many people who approach me he was going to play me his band or solo project.
I was completely blown away by what he showed me in a video and what I heard!

Once you have read this and checked out these links, I am sure that you will join me in helping Manuele, who through music is helping people with disabilities find confidence, exercise and live more enjoyable, inspired, joyful and optimistic lives!

See for yourselves in the link below… Mahdi is playing a special flute. This flute was originally
designed as an adaptive musical instrument for people with little or no arm movement – with the goal of allowing people with a wide range of disabilities the ability to perform live electronic music that can beat the highest professional quality. It is also an exciting and rewarding way for people who have limited lung function to carry out Breathing Exercises that will never become tedious to them.

> This is the link of Mahdi who plays Lowdown

> This is the link of Manuele’s project

Beyond colour, beyond creed, we are one nation under the groove!

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